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Gold Filled Explained

At FiloAuro we are proud to offer high quality products, and we want to make sure our customers know what they are buying.

Our products in Gold or Rhodium finishes always have:

  • 18k Gold Filled finish
  • been built through Electroplating
  • a layer of 5 to 15 millimeters of Gold

18k Gold Filled finish

This is a beautiful and more affordable alternative to solid gold. It has a genuine layer of gold permanently bonded onto base metal with heat and pressure that contains 100+ times more gold than gold plated.

Gold Filled is measured in Millimeters; gold Plated is measured in Microns.

1 Micron of gold is equivalent of 0.001 Millimeter. Our products have at least 5 millimeters of gold layer.

Products called PLATED usually has 2 Microns in thickness and have lesser quality then FILLED.

Gold filled is extremely durable, will not chip or flake, is tarnish-resistant, it is a great alternative to expensive solid gold jewelry, and a much better option than gold plated.

To be considered as Gold Filled the quantity of Gold must be at least 5% of the total weight.

Most common type of Gold finishes:

Process  Description
Gold Plated Extremely thin layer of gold applied to base metal
Gold Vermeil Thick layer of gold applied to Sterling Silver
Gold Filled Very thick layer of gold permanently bonded to alloy
Karat Gold Pure gold mixed with metal alloys

Electroplating Process

All Gold or Rhodium jewelry sold by FiloAuro are manufactured following the Electroplating process, which consists of the application of 8 different layers/processes on a metal base using heat and pressure, as follows:

  1. Deep cleaning of the base
  2. Layer of alkaline copper
  3. Layer of acid copper
  4. Platinun or another anti-allergic layer
  5. Main layer of gold (pre-gold)
  6. Last layer of gold
  7. Fine polish or Rhodium coating
  8. Clear coat protection

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Millimeters of Gold Layers:

The thickness of the gold layer is especially important to determine the quality and durability of the jewelry. The regular day by day use can cause a slight wear, which is ok. However, if the layer is too thin or if is a gold plated, the product will be tarnishing and changes on colors will occur overtime.

Some pieces such as bracelets and necklaces will be in contact with the human skin for longer periods – so, having a ticker layer of gold will provide more protection to your skin, and longer durability to your jewelry.

Most of our Gold and Rhodium products are manufactured with the following amount of gold layer:

  • Earrings and Cuffs: 5 millimeters
  • Pendants: 7 to 10 millimeters
  • Bracelets: 10 to 15 millimeters
  • Necklaces: 10 to 15 millimeters


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